Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This past weekend we went up to pinetop to get a tiny little vacation.
It was so nice to get away.
we go to relax for the first time in a loong time..
{William got to read golf digest..}
{I got to read to funnies & do a crossword puzzle..}
{G played with her toys..}
{We went thrifting & found some Neat-o books..}
This was our first trip with G. She did really well, i was very surprised!
Not too much fussing in the car, & she slept very well at night & during naps. 
It was a nice little get away.

Did anyone else do anything over the holiday?

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  1. New follower here!! Sounds like a really nice vacation! Love the books you found; Swiss Family Robinson was always a favorite growing up. :)