Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{grass time}

Every day i take Giuliana outside to the grassy area by our house & play with her. We put a blanket down & i bring lots of toys! she loves being outside. She loves looking at everything, the trees, the houses, the people. 
Yesterday, Williams parents wanted to join us for grass time. {AKA Siti & Jojo.}
Instead of being called Grandma & Grandpa, we call them Siti & Jojo.
Siti means Grandma in Arabic 
Jojo means.. well.. Jojo  haha :) 
joe thought it was cute. & we do too! 
Plus, its fun saying to Giuliana "Let go see Siti & jojo!" 
She loves them so much! 
{This is my new favorite picture, Siti, Daddy & baby all smiling at one another. So cute!}
Happy Wednesday :) 


  1. LOVE that last picture as well!! ADORABLE!
    Is it the pictures or has here hair turned brown vs. that dark brown?!?! She's getting SO BIG so fast! Going to text you right now... gotta get together!! :-)

    1. Her hair is a lot lighter now. It's so crazy! She is constantly changing! Awaiting ur text! :)

  2. Holy cow! My heart just melted. These pictures are beautiful.

  3. Such a doll:)

  4. Oh goodness! She's just adorable!!:)

    Nothing to do with this post but! I think you should post a tutorial on how you wrap your Lulu wrap!
    I love the idea of baby wearing but I can't find a good tutorial on it!

    1. hi!
      I actually made a video the other day on how to use a wrap.
      Will be posting it within the next couple of days!
      Keep an eye out!