Thursday, November 1, 2012

{Halloween 2012}

This year was G's first halloween! 
We went with a disney theme for our costumes. 
Little miss G was Cinderella! We bought her sweet little cinderella onesie at the disney store & I made her Crown.
William & i were "A hipster version" of rapunzel & flynn ryder :) We just threw together clothes we already had and made it work! It actually turned out pretty well! I was surprised.

We walked our neighborhood as we always do & visited with friends & family, then came back home & TONS of our friends, family, & other people showed up at our house. Seriously, people we didnt even know were walking through our door! It was crazy! But oh so much fun :) We put G to bed & everyone ate snacks, drank apple cider punch, & played old school Mario Brothers on our Nintendo NES. It was a great night :) 

Hope everyone had a fun halloween!!

oh, & here are the recipes for the Cider punch & our halloween snack!
Enjoy :)
6 Cups apple cider
2 Cups OJ
1/2 C lemon juice
1 Bottle Martinellis Sparkling cider
Monster munch
ok i just threw stuff in the jar and mixed it together
this is what i used:
Candy corn
Chocolate gold fish
Golden Grahams 
Caramel corn
honey nut cheerios
Pretzel m&ms
Reeses pieces


  1. That monster munch looks delish! Good idea!

  2. So cute Casey loved your outfits and isa is still obsessed with g. Im going to have to make that cider punch! Btw if you haven't tried it get. Try Paula deens spiced apple pear cider recipe. Here it is just in case you haven't tried it yet.

    4cups apple cider
    4cups pear/nectar juice
    4 whole cloves
    4 allspice berries
    2 cinnamon sticks

    Simmer on medium heat for 5 min
    Turn off burner and let it sit on the warm burner for 20min
    strain the spices out and reheat before serving.

    (it seems like a lot of heating and reheating but it's worth it)

  3. So cute - love the DIY crown! xo


  4. Ashley & Willy,
    Its been such a fun year getting to know you guys! This was the best halloween we have had in years and it was because of you guys, little miss G and the whole atmosphere that is YOU! HUGE Hugs and we cant wait to get together with you guys again... Cant be more than a week... I'll miss you too much! :-)

  5. I love her little crown, you guys looked adorable for Halloween! What a cute little family!