Sunday, December 2, 2012

{DIY pallet garden}

Want to make this?
Here's how!
You will need a drill, Wood screws, flower bed liner, {or i just used a frost protection blanket, much cheaper!! $11 at home depot}
Oh & a pallet :) 
Ive had this pallet sitting in my backyard for 6 months waiting to do this project. So you can imagine my excitement when it finally came time.
Ok, so using your drill & screws, Attatch a DOUBLE layer of backing to your pallet.
Cover all the sides & the back & secure with screws. This will ensure that no dirt leaks out.
I put screws in the back of the pallet too, along the beams, just so that the dirt wouldn't accumulate into one big pocket in the back once i leaned it up against the wall. 

I chose to use annuals. They came in packs of 6 plants.
I cut them all into individual plants & this made it easier to play around with plant placement, before planting. 

Once you have decided where you want to place your plants, pour a layer of potting soil into the pallet. Take your plants out of their little containers, & place them in the slats. Then, handful by handful, use the rest of the potting soil to fill the empty spaces. Be sure to pack it tightly so that everything stays in its place. 
Place your pallet up against your chosen wall, water it, & you're done! 
It was a pretty easy project! My little sister, Sarah, came over to help me with it & we finished the entire project in a couple hours.
Oh.. & my other helper, little miss Giuliana, decided that instead of helping mama, she wanted to sample some of our other plants while mommy was busy working away. Yuck!
Sneaky girl! 
Hey, at least she chose the mint plant..

Happy Sunday :) 


  1. This is such a nice idea Ashley! I love all sorts of pallet projects :) It'll be great once the flowers have had a chance to grow a bit too. And Giuliana is just way too cute!

    Have a great day!

  2. This is so pretty! I have to pin this for the spring... Love it!