Saturday, December 22, 2012

{here we go..}

So, this happened yesterday

We could not believe it!! 

We were at my in-laws house & Giuliana was playing with different ornaments from their tree, passing them back & forth to her Jojo {grandpa}.  
We were all just talking as she played & talked, then we all looked over & there she was, standing! All by herself!!! We were all just in total shock! She stayed standing long enough for us all to fumble & grab our phones to get a picture. 
After she sat back down, we couldnt get her to do it again. Of course!
But, this is proof that it DID happen, & I think that she will be walking & standing on a regular basis very very soon!

& so it begins :) 

Happy saturday, hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. How exciting! Let the fun begin :) Love her outfit

  2. Before you know it you'll be chasing her around the house! :-)

  3. How exciting can't wait to see future pics and videos of her walking!!!