Thursday, December 3, 2015

A summary... & lots of pictures

I took a small break from blogging, as we had so much going on in our lives, I just couldn't really find the words!
In this past year, so much has gone on in our family. We've celebrated new life & death, There have been career changes, birthdays, little milestones, Broken bones, new friends, vacations,  to name a few things. We've had crazy health issues that are finally being discovered & understood, which I will talk about later.
Liam FINALLY started sleeping, shortly after he turned 15 months, & is now basically an angel baby! Mostly. After the year we had with Liam, oh man, is it amazing to see his happy & sweet personality shine through. For those of you that may be new readers, or those of you that just don't know what we went through with Liam, Lets just say that the first year of Liams life was one of the hardest years of my entire life. He cried day & night for over a year straight. And i'm not exaggerating. ALL DAY. ALL NIGHT. He only slept for 15 minutes at a time.. again, all day and all night. It completely broke my heart.. and my sanity. Friends and family look back on that year and we all nervously smile and pretend to laugh at it, but really we're all still a bit traumatized. We spent a year going to multiple Doctors, and found an amazing Chiropractor that helped a lot. Our little guy was just a grumpy, uncomfortable little dude! Like i said though, now he is such an angel and an immense blessing to our family. He has always been a blessing, but it has become so very clear what a blessing he has been. In that year, our family grew so much. We have all changed in so many ways, for the better. I'm a firm believer in that, everything happens for a reason.
Sweet Giuliana started preschool this year and is just as smart & sassy as ever! She grows more & more beautiful every single day. She has a heart of gold and is just adored by all who meet her. I seriously think she will be smarter than me soon.. and she's only 3 years old! Earlier this year, Giuliana broke her leg, & oh man was that scary. She is one tough girl!
William started working with his dad & seriously loves his job! I'm so very proud of him every day! With his new job, he is home by 5 every day, & man oh man are we loving that change! 

Here are some photos from this last year! 

 Quite an eventful year as you can see! 
Every day I am so thankful for this sweet family I have been so blessed with & the friends and support system that we have. Excited to see where life takes us over the next few years. Hopefully i will remember to document it here :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends! 


  1. SOOOO glad that you are back to blogging! I have missed reading but have followed you on instagram

  2. How lovely pictures!! The kids are looking so happy in these photographs. I am a Phoenix preschool teacher and just love spending fun time with my students. I just planned a trip to a garden where I’ll tell my students about the flowers and plants.