Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Giuliana is 4!

This Post is waaaay over due.. but hey, its progress! 2 posts in 2 months? I think Im doing pretty dang good! 
Our sweet First born turned 4 on the 19th.
You read that right. f-o-u-r
This little bean is 4...FOUR!
Oh don't mind me over here, i'm just in shock & might have a little something in my eye *sniff* 
But seriously, I can hardly believe it! Time has flown by.
She is the sweetest, Spunkiest, smartest {bossiest haha} girl I know! I have loved every minute of watching her grow into the strong little person she is. Sometimes I see a glimpse of her future self, because, well, anyone that knows her can attest to the fact that she is basically an 80 year old woman stuck in a teeny tiny 4 year old body.  She is very wise, and bold, & strong, yet so tender and kind. She's a free spirit, but a rule follower, how that works? I have no idea, but its the truth. Watching her with her brother, puts the biggest smile on my face, because they are so very different in so many ways, yet so similar. She is such a little mama, teaching him constantly, good things.. and bad too. I wouldn't trade this girl for anything in the world. Every day I am thankful I get to be her mama!
To celebrate our special girl, we had a get together in our back yard with her cute little girl friends {And Liam!}, & enjoyed a super girly fairy tea party! It was such a blast. We used our tiny ikea stools from our playroom, my mother inlaws, fold up tables, white table cloths & our Thrift shop tea cup/saucer finds to put this party together, & it turned out so much more special than I ever could have hoped. G was in heaven. 
Anyways, here are some pictures from Our sweet Giuliana's Birthday & Fairy Tea Party!
Giuliana & her grandma Virginia share a birthday! Every year, the whole family gets together on the morning of their birthday to eat breakfast & celebrate our 2 special girls! 
My amazing Hubby made an array of teeny tiny sandwiches {cucumber, chicken salad, Jelly} & we bought some little cookies from AJ's.
The tea was a berry/herbal blend called 'prince charming' {g's choice, after we did a taste test with a couple different flavors} from our dear family friends' fairy tale tea line. Have you had Tea Royalty yet? If not, get some! She has so many different tea blends/lines & yummy flavors for tea lovers like me! {We go through a lot of tea in our home... I may have a problem} The fairy tale line is just one of her many tea lines. She is very passionate about what she does, & they are locally owned and operated. What more could you ask for? 
Every year, I personally make their birthday cakes. It's something I look forward to all year long! Especially proud of this one! 
We played lots of 'ring around the roses' & duck duck goose! These little fairies were happy as clams! 
Happy 4th Birthday sweet G! 
You are So very Loved! 

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