Saturday, October 6, 2012

{DIY Flower Headband}

So you know those super cute fabric headbands everyone seems to be wearing lately?
I love them! They are my favorite! The ones in the above picture were purchased from a local gal who is AMAZING!

Well today im going to show you how to make your very own :)
Its actually pretty simple & quick! 

You will need:
a sewing machine
A Hot glue gun 
Scissors or a rotary cutter & board
Cut approx. a 32 in long strip from your first fabric. 
Make the strip skinnier near the ends & a bit thicker in the middle..I didnt really do exact measurements.
Just make it as thick or this as you want!
Turn your fabric strip over & Hem the edges 
Using fabric #2, Cut out 3 leaves
Sew the leaves onto the fabric strip.
{Trace the edges of the leaf and do a stripe down the middle, like a real leaf!}
Now at this point you can top it with a basic rolled flower, or any type of flower you like!
For this band, I made a big ruffly flower.. heres how

 Set your sewing machine on the longest stitch it does
Then make a zig zag pattern on your strip of fabric as shown above
{OR hand sew a long stitch zig zag}
Pull the BOTTOM thread to make a ruffle
Sew {Or glue} one end of your ruffle to a small piece of fabric
Roll to desired shape & Sew/Glue as you go
Sew or glue your flower onto the band!
You can make them in so many different colors, with different flower styles!
You can wear it & so can baby!

That is the nice thing about these wrap headbands, they can be tightened or loosened to any size!
To Wear: simply join & tie the ends of fabric in a knot around your head

They are super cute for family photos or just every day wear

Happy Saturday


  1. So cute! How do you fasten the headband? Is it tied in the back?

    Love your blog!

    1. Yes!
      It is just a long strip of fabric the you tie around your head :)
      & thank you!!

  2. Hello Ashley,
    Michele and I are new followers of your blog! Thank you for sharing the instructions on how to make that fluffy flower. That headband is super sweet!
    I sent you an email please get back to me asap:)


  3. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial! I plan on making a ruffle crib skirt like the one you made for our little girl. So fun!