Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{a family outing}

Its very rare that our little family gets a whole day to just have fun.
My husband works quite a bit & then when he is home we are working on projects or doing chores.
so when we get a day to just do fun things together,  we really really enjoy it :) 

Yesterday was one of those days.
We took G to Arizona Mills mall to check out the "Sea life Arizona" display.
It's like a mini aquarium.
It was super cute! Definitely geared around little kids.
Giuliana loved it! She had such a blast! 
She loved looking at all the fish, Dancing around to the crazy music in the Jelly fish section, & touching the star fish. If you're in AZ you should definitely check it out with your littles :) 
She wasn't a big fan of the stingrays. She would whine when one swam by. Little goof ;) 

After the aquarium, we went to one of our favorite snack spots, Paletas Betty. 
Its a little shop in Chandler that makes Fresh home made popsicles! 
They are delicious! 
Yummy! Fresh coconut popsicles :) 
Putting a sticker on the "sticker wall" 
We had such a wonderful day. 
I love my little family so much :) 

Our little outings will be so much more fun once baby # 2 gets here! 
I'm 14 weeks & 3 days right now. 
This pregnancy is flying by! 
G still doesn't quite understand that there is a baby in my tummy.. but hopefully soon she will understand. Maybe once i start showing more. 

Well happy Wednesday everyone :) 
Spend time with your families, do fun things! Don't take any moment for granted. 
Kiss & hug them whenever you can. That's my tip for the day ;)