Friday, May 17, 2013

{peach season}

It's that time of year again
It's Peach season!

Every year we pick peaches, LOTS of peaches. 
I brought my good friend Kelly with me this year. Our daughters are crazy about eachother
Pretty sure you could call them BFFs :)

We had a blast as always!
The girls ran around picking peaches & stuffing their faces
Autumn & Giuliana 
When we left the orchard, both autumn & giuliana were COVERED from head to toe in peach juice & dirt. 
They had soooo much fun! 
{& uhm excuse our disgustingly dirty car seat.. gross}
I have been waiting all year to take the first bite of a perfect, delicious peach.
The wait was well worth it :) 

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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  1. That looks like such a good time! Giuliana looks like she had a blast! Do you plan on making anything yummy with those or just enjoying them plain?