Thursday, May 16, 2013

{more sensory play}

I've mentioned in past posts that we like to do a lot of sensory play.
We use rice, Millet, sand, play doh, corn starch, water, Anything! 
Our little girl loves it & she learns so much from it.

Our newest sensory play activity involves puff balls & an empty wipe box
I bought a $3 pack of puff balls from Target. Some are big. Some a re small. Some are soft, Some are crunchy & hard. I chose this pack on purpose so Giuliana could feel the different textures.
I already had the empty wipe box, So i only spent $3 for this activity :) 
Giuliana picks up the different sized puffs & puts them in the box.
As she picks them up, i tell her what color it is, or i ask her if it is "Crunchy or soft" 
She answers by rubbing it on her face & saying "Soft" or "ow! kunchy!" aka Crunchy  
It's super funny to watch :) 

So during this activity, she is learning so many different things! 
She is learning textures, colors, & the amount of pressure to apply to get the different sized puffs through the hole in the wipe box. 
She loves this activity. She will literally sit & put puffs in the box & describing the puffs for a half hour at a time. Its the perfect activity when i need to get some house work done :) 

She is almost 17 months old right now, in case anyone is wondering what age to start this activity
If your child is younger, you can definitely do this activity, just make sure they don't put the puff balls in their mouth :) 

Well, happy thursday friends!

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  1. I love this activity! So simple and creative:) I will put this one on the list.