Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Upcoming Projects & first ultrasound}

Here are a couple of things we hope to accomplish within the next month:

{I want to make this lamp & put it over our Dining room table} 

{Would love to replace our tall wine cabinet with this. Great alternative to buying a big Buffet style piece to go  under the windows}

More to come...  :) 


Today  I had my first ultrasound! Here is a video from the ultra sound of our little munchkin jumping all around :) Its so crazy to think that there is a living thing in my belly! We went not expecting to see much of anything, maybe a flicker for the heartbeat. But we got to see everything & hear its little heart beat. We were both so excited, & i cried {Im a girl... & im pregnant.. its allowed :) } What a blessing :)


  1. oh my gosh! your little chickpea is dancing in there!!

  2. my little chickpea grandbaby is dancing, wow, what a miracle of proof of life and even personality! :) I love you and Willy and Irwin and Baby too.

  3. How many weeks were you at this ultrasound?

    She looks adorable already!

  4. I think ...9 weeks? Ah! I can't remember!

  5. Sooo I know I'm lurkin' wayyy back here on your blog, but I just watched that video like 7 times!! It's so beautiful! I'm at 6 weeks right now and I literally cannot wait for my first ultrasound! Watching your video makes me even more excited :)