Thursday, July 7, 2011


Garlands Lodge is a great place in Sedona that our family loves. My husbands family has gone there every summer for the past like 50 years! I've had the chance to join them the last 3 years, this year will be the 4th year. We always go sometime in July. This year, were going closer to the end of July, & we are getting more and more excited every day! It is something we look forward to all year! It is always just a fun time with family. Here are some pictures from the past years we have gone:


{Mark, Annie, Beth, Me, William, James, Becca}

{Me & William! We had just gotten engaged a week before the trip}

{William & James with their mom, Cindy} 


{My father in law, sitting on a rock, in the middle of the creek, while its raining haha}

{Willy & mark}

{Me & Willy}


{Willy, James & Mark}

{Me & willy}

{Beth, James & Becca}

{My mother & father in law}



{Our family: Becca, James, Cindy, Joe, William, Me}

{Me, William, James, Becca}

{James & Becca}

{Me & William}

{Our favorite spot on the creek, you swim out to the ledge & jump off!!}

{Fresh blackberries are all over the property, so yummy!}

I cant wait for the trip this year! It will be so fun! I will be sure to post lots of Pics when we get back :) 
Does your family have any annual traditions? 

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