Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Pinetop trip}

Hello friends! Again, I havent posted in a very long time. But of course, I have a good reason :) William & I have been in Pinetop with his grandparents & cousins {annie & mark} most of the week. William's grandparents have a cabin up there. We try to go up there a few times a year to just relax & play a few rounds of golf {even though I am absolutely terrible}. This week we did just that! We had a blast! We went fly fishing, played golf, & played LOTS of mexican train. Here are some pics from our trip! 

{Willy & Mark getting ready to fish!}

{Annie & Mark in the Canoe}

{Me & willy all suited up to go intertube fly fishing!}

{William fly fishing from the intertube}

{It rained ALOT while we were there, especially while we were golfing}

{Soaked! & still playing}

{Annie was a good sport, playing through the pouring rain. A lot more brave than myself!}

{Mark teeing off}

{William, looking pro}

{Me, sitting in the golf cart haha}

{We went go cart racing too!}



{I dont look much like a golfer in my Toms, white jean shorts, & my Liz claiborne maternity top haha}

{William made pancakes}

{Mexican train! We played every night!!}

{We love our family!}

In a couple weeks we head out to Garlands, for yet ANOTHER family trip. Looking forward to it greatly :)   Did you do anything fun this week? Have anything exciting coming up soon?
Happy Thursday!!

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