Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Happy 4th of July!}

This 4th of July, William & i spent the day with some wonderful friends. Two of our friends, Travis & Taylor, are getting married in October {& we are totally psyched}. We spend quite a bit of time with them as it is, so of course it was natural to spend a holiday with them! We spent the 4th of July at Travis' parents' house. We are absolutely in LOVE with his parents, Mark & Loretta. They are the neatest people I have ever met & they really like us too :) Oh! & I cant forget about Luke, travis' younger brother, he celebrated with us as well! He is a total sweetheart :) Here are some pics from the day:

{Travis & Taylor}

{Mark & Loretta}

{William & Luke}

{William & myself}

{We played poker for hours...}

{& Taylor cleaned us all out!!!}

{The boys set off lots of fireworks..}


{The girls had fun with sparklers}

{Here we are!}

{We ate Mark's Home smoked ribs. Delicious!}

{We enjoyed Tylor's homemade apple pie. This was the first one she made completely from scratch & it was absolutely wonderful!}

{We ate LOTS of watermelon too!!} 

What did you do for the 4th of July?? Happy Monday!

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  1. ha! thats so funny. we had ribs too. it was the first time ever i'd tried making them :)