Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Happy Skin!}

So, William & I have a lot to save up for, I mean, with a baby on the way & all. But one thing we are really trying to save up for {that is pretty huge} is a water softener system for our house. Our water is TERRIBLE!  We have both had several issues with the water in our home, with dishes, clothes and our skin. We want to try & have this done before baby johnston gets here.
As you may know, water softeners are very expensive.. so we are saving all of our lose change in a jar, & were going to put it all towards a water softener....eventually haha

We're calling it "The happy Skin fund!" because we think it will make our skin much happier to have softer water :) It will probably take us a while to save up, im sure. But as of right now we have about $22 & 33 cents! Its a start! 

Hope you are having a great week!! 

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