Friday, August 10, 2012

{Garlands 2012}

i seem to have fallen off the face of the planet!
But again
its for good reason

We went on our annual family trip to Sedona
It was a blast, as always!
& then, shortly after arriving back home, we all caught the AWFUL cold that has been going around.
Awful as in, stuffy nose, then runny nose, uncontrollable coughing & hacking, laying in bed, ALL DAY because you are so miserable & can barely open your eyes.. yea. no fun.
First G got it
Then i got it
& poor Willy was the last to get it, & he had it the worst out of all of us!
So we have had a house full of sickies for a couple of weeks
But now we are all better
Here are some pictures from our family trip! 
{Pictures that i stole from my Mother in laws camera :)  } 
{Our Family! William, Me, Cindy, James, & Joe}
{James wife Becca was sick & had to go home from the trip early, poor thing!}
{The boys working on a crossword puzzle}
{Willy & G}
{Willy & His brother James}
{Me, G & Willy}
{My mother in law & G}
{James, me, Willy & G}
{WIlly & G, James, Me, Joe}
{G feeling the water}
{Willy, Me, G, James}
{James & a Leach we found, Yuck!}
{My mother in law & G}
{My father in law, Joe}
{Me, G, Uncle James}

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