Monday, November 25, 2013

{1 week}

This little man is one week old today :)

Its been quite a week! 
Last monday, we were driving to the hospital to have this little guy. 
A few people have emailed me & commented saying congratulations, Thank you guys! 
A few mama's have asked if i was able to have the vbac i was preparing for. 
Sadly, the answer is no.
Near the end of my pregnancy we had some complications & i ended up having to schedule a repeat cesarean for safety reasons. I was heartbroken at first. I felt robbed of an experience for the second time & like my body just kept failing at doing something it should be able to do. 
 It took me a couple weeks to come to terms with it. 

I prayed a lot about it & realized it was out of my control & i wasn't going to let this small thing ruin our happiness & joy. I'm glad i did too. 

Last monday was a great day.
 We woke up, played with our daughter, dropped her off at my in laws, then had some time just for my husband & I. We drove to the hospital together & the peace & calm we felt this time was amazing.
We knew what to expect this time. No surprises.

The staff that was on that day was so wonderful too. They made us feel so comfortable. We all laughed and talked like old friends. 
I was able to talk to them about my experience last time & how horrible & scary it was 
{I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia & was given waaay too many pain meds, to name a few things}
This time, I was able to sit & talk with the anesthesiologist about different options for medicine for the surgery, & he was so kind & helpful & understanding. 

We went back in the OR & i was surprisingly calm. Last time i hyperventilated & panicked for so long, my surgery ended up being a lot later than it had been scheduled for. 
This time though, I was at peace. 
I knew i was bringing my sweet boy into this world in a matter of minutes & i was ready to meet him. 

They gave me the spinal, i layed down, they prepped their stations & talked to me, asking me about giuliana & my husband, & plans for our new little babe. There was christmas music playing in the background, {not kidding!}, & that added to the joyful mood in the room. 

Once i was all prepped, they let my husband in the room and he sat by my side, rubbing my hair. 
Since it was our second cesarean, they allowed William to take video. 
William was able to videotape our son being born, pulled from my tummy, taking his first breaths. 

I heard his sweet cries & i myself began to cry. 
It was over. 
it was done. 
I could hear the nurses "Look at the little dimple in his chin!" "Look at all that dark hair!"

The nurse brought him directly to my face, still connected, still covered in goop.
He was so beautiful
& he did have the cutest dimple in his chin, just like his daddy
I kissed his sweet little face & cried the happiest tears. 
Being able to see him that soon was something i had not expected. {Last time i didn't see giuliana until she was already cleaned up.}

William cut the cord & followed the nurse to recovery while i was sewn back up. 
The nurses all clapped & talked about how beautiful our sweet liam was. 
I was still calm, but filled with so much joy. 

In recovery, i held him right away. 
The anesthesia they used this time was so different. I was actually aware enough to know exactly what was going on around me. I held him skin to skin and talked with my sweet husband.
It was such a great experience

The whole time we were at the hospital, i only took Motrin. I refused all the strong pain meds they had given me last time. & i am so glad i did. 
I was fully functional the entire time we were at the hospital. Breastfeeding was so much easier this time because i wasn't an emotional wreck. My Milk came in on the second day {Last time it was day 4}
He's such a good little nurser. 
We also came home a lot sooner than last time. We only stayed 2 nights, last time it was 4. 

All in all, a much better experience than last time. 
Even though it was not the birth i had planned, it was so beautiful in it's own way, & i am very blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy children. 

Being home with our little guy has been so fun. 
Our daughter Loves him so much. 
Every morning she runs into our room to say good morning to him. 
Well she actually says "Hey bud, goodmorning, time to wake up!"
Its seriously so cute
It's only been a week but it feels like he's always been here
I love my family

Happy monday :)


  1. Congratulations, sweet girl! Liam is so handsome!:) And despite not being able to do a vbac like you'd hoped, I am so happy to hear that your son arrived safe and healthy (and that you were safe and healthy too!) Good for you for making the decision to make the most of the birth experience and getting to enjoy the arrival of your precious son!:)

  2. That sounds perfect! Congratulations you guys!

  3. He is beautiful and looks like such a little man in the first photo! Congratulations on your new baby!!

  4. Congratulations...he is precious! G looks like a happy big sis! :) Sorry you didn't get to have the delivery you had hoped for, but it seems as though it all worked out quite well for you!

  5. He is so handsome! I'm glad you had a much better experience this time!

  6. Big Congratulations. He's just adorable. Glad it was a better experience for you this time around.

  7. So sweet! Congratulations!