Saturday, November 2, 2013

{DIY toddler tutu}

We had a fun halloween this year!
We ate dinner with our neighbor friends & walked around the neighborhood together.
Our daughters are Best friends, & are only a few months apart in age. 
Watching them run around the neighborhood trick or treating together like big kids was so fun to watch!
Giuliana's costume was super last minute. Like, the night before halloween, running around walmart, party city, target etc looking for a pair of cat ears, last minute. We had another costume for her but the day before halloween we put it on her & she cried and cried saying it was too itchy! 
So we tried to come up with the simplest costume we could think of, a kitty! We already had a black shirt, black pants & makeup, We just needed kitty ears! & Believe it or not, they were super hard to find, being it was the night before halloween. I ended up getting the very last pair at the store. While running around all the stores, i came up with the idea of making a tutu to go with her kitty costume, to make it a little more fun. I gathered all the materials i thought i would need & headed home! 
I figured out how to make a tutu {Never done it before} & finished it in about 40 minutes. 
It was the perfect nap time project on halloween!

Here's what you need:
{I bought 75 yards, used 3/4 of it}
Needle & thread
{I got 3/4 in}
Something to wrap the Tulle around for cutting 
{I used my rotary cutter guide board}

Begin wrapping your tulle around your chosen object.
I used my rotary cutter guide board.
Wrap until you have used all of your tulle.
I had 2 30 yard black tulle rolls and 1 15 yard black glitter roll of tulle.

Once you've wrapped all of your tulle, cut BOTH ends of the wrapped tulle
You will end up with a bunch of strips of tulle. 
Mine were 6x23 in 

Cut your elastic to size & hand stitch the ends together.
I didn't measure, i just guessed! 
{by the way, can you tell we do a lot of projects on our table? paint & glitter everywhere!} 

Put your elastic on something to hold it in place. 
I just put it on my thigh
Begin tying your tulle strips on one by one. 
Slide one end under the elastic, fold over so the ends meet & double knot.
Easy peasy
Keep going!
Make it nice & full! 
I used a little over 3/4 of the tulle.
I did 4 black tulle strips, then 1 black glitter tulle strip, to add a tiny bit of sparkle. 
The glitter got EVERYWHERE by the way.
My entire body and the carpet was COVERED in black glitter.
nothing a little wet paper towel & a quick vacuum session couldn't fix though : )
When you're done it should look like this! 
Nice & poofy! 
She loved it! 
It looked soooo cute
Everyone was obsessed, especially me! 
Easiest project ever. Like i said it took me 40 minutes from start to finish.
{The daddys with their girls}
{G with her great grandparents}
{We decided to be twins ;)  )
Hope everyone had a wonderful halloween! 
Happy saturday & happy crafting! 


  1. SO CUTE!!!! I will have to keep this in mind for when/if I have a girl.

    Are you planning on doing Gdiapers again? what was your experience with G through where you are now? I know you posted a good bit about it while pregnant and just after. I have a 15 month old and we decided to start at the medium size since he would grow out of smalls fast, and we had a bunch of diapers given to us...this way we could save money. now that he is fitting in mediums I was looking for some tips on leaks with the cloth inserts, fitting, etc. Im not sure if it is different with boys vs. girls.
    I just know you had a lot of positive things to say and as we have started I wanted to know your tips...night time too.
    I am so excited to hear all about Liams arrival and how the VBAC goes!!!

  2. was also curious as to how you "dispose", meaning do you use a pail, or laundry bag, etc?