Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Cloth diapering, it is almost time!}

If you have been following my blog long, you already know that my husband & I have chosen to cloth diaper our baby {& all babies that follow :)}. It is something that i have always wanted to do! & since i am staying home with our little one, i have the time to invest into cleaning & taking care of them. & not to mention it will save us lots of money in the long run, {which will also be helpful since i am staying home.}

A lot of people give us grief about cloth diapering, telling us we are just crazy! But we truly believe in them & the benefits that they offer, not only financially, but the benefits it offers the baby, & the environment.
The brand of cloth diapers we are using is called "Fuzzibunz".  They look like this>>
Fuzzibunz come in Many different colors. You can choose to do perfect fit, or one size. We are doing the one size option. This just means our diapers will last us from newborn until potty training! 
How is this possible?
On the front of each diaper are multiple "snaps" that you can adjust to the perfect size, along with adjustable elastics in the legs so you can make the leg holes fit perfectly around their little legs, also an adjustable elastic waste band. 
Ok i will quit advertising for fuzzibunz now :) haha i am just so excited to use them! I only have a couple of dear friends who cloth diaper, where i can see the benefits and challenges first hand. 
{Our fuzzibunz, waiting patiently in the drawer to cover Giulianas little bum!}
A few of our readers that also cloth diaper have begun to email me cloth diapering tips & i am SO thankful! 
KEEP THE TIPS COMING LADIES!!! serisously! :) I am all ears! 
Only a few weeks until this cloth diapering dream is my reality, so any pointers or comments will be greatly appreciated :) 

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Don't let anyone discourage you! I used cloth on all 5 of my children and saved tons of money! Just make sure you have lots and lots on hand for a change them more than you can imagine! Just smile and think of all the money you are saving when people have negative feedback!

  2. Hey, I love following your DYIs and such and I admire your commitment to cloth diapering. I got all set up to cloth diaper my first baby, but my husband wasn't 100% on board with it and a few weeks in I got discouraged and gave up. I'd love if maybe you could do a post with all the tips and advise you've gotten from seasoned cloth diapering moms. It may give me the motivation to jump back into it for my little one.

  3. I clother diapered my son from newborn till he was potty trained at 19 months. We tried a bunch of style of diapers until I found the ones I loved. I learned a few things that I can share with you.

    FuzziBunz or any One size diaper will not fit your baby until at least a month after they are born. I would suggest buying either a bunch of fitted newborn size diapers or purchase 2 dozen prefolds. Newborns will go through around 10-12 diapers a day. CD need to be changed more often then disposables. Disposables pull the pee away from babies skin, pee in cloth diapers sits right on the skin so needs to be changed quickly.

    I would also either make or purchase or a combo of both Liners for your diapers. This will keep moisture off the babies skin. The ones I made were rectangles of fleece.

    As far as newborn dipes I loved Fitteds like kissaluvs, or Thirsties size small. I used these with 4 covers that I rotated.

    Once My son was about 3 months I bought a huge supply of Good Mama dipes but decided they were to bulky and my babies bum to big to fit into any pants. I loved them but only used them for home use as then I could just put him in a Tshirt and Babylegs.

    My ultimate FAVORITE diaper that I wish I would have discovered sooner was Bum Genious Organic AIO. The reason is they are very aborbant, they fit on my baby just like a disposable diaper....they will fit baby from about one month of age and on. My parents were willing to use them because they are as simple as a disposable diaper. The BEST part is there is no prep work. I used a throw away liner inside the diaper. If he pooped I just shook it into the toilet and threw it in the bag until wash day. After being washed I just fold it in half and put it in his diaper cupboard. After awhile you will get tired of removing the stuffable insert and after washing having to stuff each diaper.

    Get yourself a good wetbag, I loved the one that has two zippers on it. A dry side to zip in clean diaper and the other zipper to put the dirty diapers in.

    Get a good cloth friendly diaper cream also, if not the cream will stain your diapers and never Come out. If your diapers are stained from poop after washing them just lay them open in the sun. The sun will naturally bleach out the stains. If it is a stubborn stain squirt some lemon juice on the stain and dry in the sun agian.

    Only other advice is you have a good start but your going to need a ton more diapers.

    PS Dont forgot to wash those new fuzzibunz like at least 6 times before you use them so they will absorb the pee otherwise they wont be very absorbant.

    If you have any questions dont hesitate to email me I love Cloth diapering and my son has never worn a yucky chlorine diaper except when he was in the hospitol. Divamriyah [at] a o l [dot] com