Saturday, November 26, 2011

{Upcycled baby bumper}

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did! We ate thanksgiving dinner TWICE {One with my family, one with William's family}... ugh... i feel sick just typing it. But it was a wonderful day! I love our family & it is always so nice to get everyone all together.
Now, onto crafting :)
So i have said it before & I will say it again, I love thrift stores & second hand stores!
 Why? I'M CHEAP! & i admit it. 
After a post i did a couple of days ago about the Ruffle crib skirt i made, a couple of people emailed my personal email asking where i got my crib bumper that they saw in the picture. This picture to be exact>>
I got the crib bumper at a thrift store for $3.
Other thrift store finds we have upcycled for Giulianas room:
*Old Crib skirt- $1 at thrift store vs. $30 or higher retail- What i did with it
*Blank canvas- $2 at thrift store vs $20 at craft store- What i did with it
Any ways, the $3 Crib bumper was in perfect condition, & a much better option than paying $30 or more for a new crib bumper at a regular store. 
It makes sense in my mind at least.
I don't know what store it originally came from, all i know is that it had no stains & it was pink! 
I took it home, washed it MULTIPLE times, {just for good measure}, & went to work on it, making it my own. Here is what we did to add a little flare & upcycle this old & used baby bumper.  

{Upcycled baby bumper}
I never took a before picture... but i think you will get the general idea :) 
Cut ribbon of your choice to the length of your choice, making sure that the pieces are long enough to tie around the slats of your crib. 
Right below the original ties on the bumper, pin the ribbon in place..
Do this on the top & bottom of the bumper.
After you pin your ribbons in place, Go ahead & Snip off the old ties. 
Using your sewing machine, anchor your new ties very well.
It should look like this :) Very easy! once you have anchored all of your new ties, pull out all of the pins, & you're done!
Tie your new, unique bumper onto your crib. 
It is a good way to subtly bring another color into the room, & have a little fun or to just replace the yucky old ties! 
Simple & easy project. 
 Happy Saturday! 


  1. Hello Mrs Crafty Ashley!
    After reading all of your crafty posts, and seeing all that you can do with a Sewing Machine (I can't believe I'm going to type this right now) I'm actually wanting to make our spare bedroom in to a craft room, buy a sewing machine & all of the goodies and get in to more crafty things like how it was in 7th grade in "Home Ec".... LOL I want to do so much because of your blog! I said the other day to Willy & a couple others at Liberty "Ashley is rubbing crafty off to me thru her blog" Ha ha ha ha
    Love how you took a little time & made this Baby Bumper super cute by just a few simple things. Your so brilliant!
    Miss ya!!

  2. This is way cute! Love her little room :-) You're such a crafty momma!