Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Potato soup}

Here in AZ, it is very rarely cold enough to feel ok about eating soup for dinner.
The last few days though, it has been rather chilly! {& i am loving it!!} So, last night for dinner, we made Potato soup :) Here is our recipe! 
{Potato soup}
You will need:
2/3C Chopped onions
1/4C finely diced celery
2T butter
{We usually use butter, but all i had was margerine!!} 
2T flour
3C Shredded potatoes
3 1/2C Chicken broth
1/2C sour cream
4 oz. cream cheese
2/3C cooked, diced ham
3/4t Dill weed
Start by shredding your potatoes. Do this using a hand grater.
Pour your shredded potatoes along with your chicken broth into a large pot on your stove.
 Bring mixture to a boil.
While potatoes & broth are on the stove, Prep your 2/3C onions, 1/4C celery & 2/3C ham.
Place prepared onion, celery, ham & butter in a frying pan..
Begin to cook your veggies & ham, then add your 3/4t Dill weed.
Continute to cook veggies & ham until veggies become tender.
While veggies are cooking, place your 1/2C sourcream & 4 oz. cream cheese into a microwave safe bowl & melt in the microwave. Put to the side until needed. 
Once your veggies are nice & tender, add you 2T flour.
Back to your potatoe & broth mixture, check the texture of your potatoes. You want them to be soft but NOT mushy. Once potatoes are the right consistancy, add your veggie & ham mixture. 
{If mixture is too thick, add a few splashes of milk}
After adding your veggie mixture, add your melted Sourcream & Cream cheese mixture.
Allow to simmer so that the flavors can all mix together well. 
Add salt & pepper to taste. 
Serve with some yummy bread :)


  1. Looks yummy!! I'll try it this weekend when it's rainy.

  2. It has been rather chilly hasn't it! Mmm Soup... what a Brilliant Idea Ashley! Will have to try doing this recipe with this weekends goodies at the market! Yum yum yum! Hope your doing well, miss seeing you on a normal basis!