Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well everyone, the last few days have been kind of rough for us. 
Out of the blue 4 days ago, I started experiencing some uncomfortableness. Every time i walk or shift my weight, i have a horrible sharp pain in the entire left side of my body, like nothing i have ever felt before. It brings me to tears... walking up the stairs in our home is almost an impossible feat, along with putting on shoes or pants.. which i need :) My poor husband has had to help me out quite a bit with the littlest things! {not to mention how i keep him up all night, trying to get comfortable too} He has been a total sweetheart though. I feel so wimpy!
I went to see my Dr yesterday to make sure everything was alright, since it came on so suddenly. After watching me walk around {believe me, i look ridiculous} and making me do some stretches, he said I have Sciatica, which is actually quite common during pregnancy, i found out.  
Basically, my sciatic nerve is pinched on the left side. 
He also said that the reason it came on so suddenly is because our little girl has actually dropped already! Oh & she is sideways, so that's just added pressure. Hopefully she will shift SOON! but not too soon... Dr said she is moving into birthing position right now. { I guess that's what it means when they say she has "dropped". Im slowly learning the terminology :) }
 Its no fun. but i guess its worth it. Its a reminder that in 6 weeks or less we get to meet our little girl!

I hate sounding like such a downer, i promise im not!!
 So, on a lighter note, today will actually be a pretty fun day. While my sweet hubby is at work, Im meeting some friends at a farmers market later this morning, then meeting a friend for coffee, & then I have another baby shower that is being thrown this afternoon by my family! :) so today should be a pretty enjoyable one! 

Happy Saturday Folks :) 


  1. Eek, that sounds scary! Glad to hear she's making progress toward finally meeting you though, that must be a bit of a silver lining to the dark cloud!

  2. I totally had that with my son- it was actually right around this time last year and everyone was wondering why I hobbled around so much because I was only 6-7 months along. Luckily he moved off of it after a month but oh boy I feel your pain! Hang in there!

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