Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{g's first pool day}

We have been anticipating this day for a while.
The water has been so cold! 
But now, its just right :)
She really liked the pool. she did not fuss one bit! 
I think she is going to be a swimmer, just like her mama :)


  1. Absolutely adorable! Water babies are so much fun :)

  2. So great to introduce babies to the water at such a young age!!! She is beautiful!

  3. I love any pool time I get with my kids. I always have. From the time they were babies until now. It's relaxing for both baby and momma! Now, Lucas (10) and Lucie (8) swim on their own and can entertain themselves for hours! There are so many cute floaty toys, etc for babies now too! Have fun! She is adorable!

    1. growing up i was a competition swimmer. I have always loved to swim. Im hoping our kiddos will love swimming as much as i have :)