Saturday, April 14, 2012

{how to: "un-pill" cloth/pocket diapers

What is "pillling"?
"Pilling is the formation of little fuzzy balls on a fabric surface caused by the rubbing off of loose ends of fiber too long or strong to break away entirely."

Cloth/pocket diaper users are very familiar with this "pilling". 
Due to the fact that we are constantly washing the diapers over & over.
It is very annoying. 
It makes your diapers look old & worn out & they are not near as soft as they used to be. 
Plus it makes them a lot harder to clean & more susceptible to staining. 

Today i am going to show you how to "un pill" your cloth diapers & make them like new again!
All you need is a "bristley" brush.
I think i got this one at target for like $4.
This is pilling. 
See how uncomfortable it looks?
{During: Simply brush the diaper. & not gently. Brush it GOOD}
Nice & soft! 

I noticed that after doing this to all of our diapers, Giuliana has a lot less irritation on her skin.
She seems a lot happier! 

You only need to do this once a week or so.

Happy Diapering!


  1. Such a great tip! Could I share it with my customers? I am just starting up a cloth diapering shop. What brand pockets do you use? Still enjoying the gDiapers?

    1. ya for sure! maybe just mention me :) we are actually using our fuzzibunz now. she grew out of the size small g diapers so instead of buying the next size up, we gave our fuzzibunz another try :)
      Good luck with your cloth diaper business! let me know how it goes! we have actually been talking about maybe starting one here in az

    2. I will be sure to link them to your post and not copy & paste it into mine! We use FuzziBunz on my 6 month old but Sunbabies and Alva's are actually my favorite and such an inexpensive option. Your FuzziBunz colours are so much nicer than mine though! :)


  2. I would be interested in your diapers if ou still have them available.

    anakatarina lalonde on facebook.


    1. we actually decided to keep them & try them on G again now that she is biggger.
      So sorry!
      I know that you can find lightly used cloth diapers online though.

  3. So did you switch back to the fuzzibunz once G got a little bigger? How did the velcro hold up on the G diapers? If you could do it again, would you use G diapers the whole way? or not, because they don't grow with the baby?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm expecting in march and I want to get this cloth diaper thing right! :)

    1. Hello Kristin! Sorry its taken me a bit ot get back to you, we have been out of town again!
      Yes we switched back to the fuzzibunz once she grew out of the size small G diapers {which was at about 3 1/2-4 months} We switched back to fuzzibunz, simply because we already had the fuzzibunz!
      Recently though, for this trip we went on, i purchased about 8 size medium g diapers & 4 packs of the throw away inserts. They were Perfect!!!! During the day we used one insert and at night we doubled up on inserts. No leaks! & so much easier {& cuter!} than disposale diapers. {Our last trip, we bought regular disposable diapers & it was a nightmare! Leaks ALL THE TIME... it was awful}
      So as of right now, we use BOTH fuzzibunz & g diapers.
      If i had to go back & do it all over again though, i think i would have only bought the g diapers.
      I love our fuzzibunz, but they didnt really fit G until she was 4/5 months old! Even though they claim they can fit from like 7 pounds.
      I really love the Gdiapers though, especially since G has gotten smarter, & has started trying to take her diaper off {@ 8months!}, The g diaper is perfect because the velcro is in the back.
      The velcro has held up so well too! Right now, im letting a friend of ours use our size smalls for her little one since we arent using them right now {Thats how durable they are, already been used by 2 babies!}
      ALso, altogether, i think the g diaper system turned out being lots cheaper than the fuzzibunz.
      Because twith fuzzibunz, every diaper change is a new diaper, & g diapers every change is just a new insert.
      So we bought i think, 25?? fuzzibunz & 8 g diapers +18 inserts.
      I know this is a lot of info, but i hope it is helpful!
      Please feel free to write me anytime, choosing baby products before baby arrives is so hard!!
      Good luck!