Thursday, July 12, 2012


So again, i have been a naughty blogger
It seems ive fallen off the face of the planet! 
but really, we've just been too busy to stop & take a moment to write a post! 
But now we're back :) 
There has been so much going on lately! 

One thing that has kept us busy is our recent trip to Colorado
We weren't near the fire in Colorado springs, so don't worry {What a sad tragedy..}
My grandparents live near Vallecito lake 
Its so beautiful up there
I always look forward to visiting my grandparents, i have so many sweet memories at their place 
It was like my 2nd home growing up.

We had a tiny family reunion at my grandparents house last week
We went, my mom & sis went, My brother & his wife & kids went & so did my cousin & his family
That was all that was able to make it this trip but were planning on doing it again next year, & hoping lots more of my family can go! 

My camera died once we got up the colorado {Of course!} & i forgot my charger {again.. of course}
So i dont have all that many pics. Most of the ones i do have are from instagram! {yay instagram!}
But here are some pictures from our trip :) 
{My grandparents house}
{My mom, My sister, Willy, G, elijah}
{My grandma & My cousins' little girl, Evelyn}
{All the Kids LIVED in that canoe the whole week. The pond is on my grandparents land}
{The Girls: Sarah, Evelyn, Me. G}
{My nephews with willy. Caleb, Isaiah, willy, Elijah}
On the last day of the trip, Caleb busted his knee cap while we were playing a game in the dark.
 poor guy 
right now he has an immobilizer on his knee.
Will know a bit more about his knee next monday.
Keep him in your prayers!
{Evelyn & G}
{Daddy & a grumpy G}
{Our little family ready for church!}

We drove there & back
8 hours each way
We drove at night so G would sleep
& She did really well!! 

It was such a fun trip! 
I love my family 

Happy thursday :) 


  1. Looks like ya'll had fun! What is your instagram user name?

  2. hehe, I let my little guy knaw of celery and all kinds of raw veggies for those teeth! ( supervised of course) but I have a bowl of sweet potatoes and reg potatoes in the pantry that he is always pulling out and playing with or chewing on...