Sunday, July 15, 2012

{rainy day in AZ & welcome baby sydney!}

Yesterday we had the biggest storm i can remember here in AZ
It started sprinkling, then out of nowhere, it started pouring! 
The streets were flooded
the parks were flooded
everything was flooded
Here are some pictures from our neighborhood
A big tree that split in half
The street outside my in laws house
The field by the park
Everything was so flooded, people pulled out their canoes & kayaks! 

Before all the excitement of the crazy storm started, I went to the hospital to visit with a dear friend who had delivered her sweet little baby that morning 
Mommy {Amy} & baby Sydney :) 
Me & baby Sydney
Sydney was so cute & sweet!!!  I forgot how tiny brand new babies are! 
{& its only been 7 months since mine was that tiny!}
Congratulations again Amy & Zach :) 

Well happy sunday Folks :) 
It looks like it's looking pretty gloomy outside again.. maybe it will rain again today.. We shall see!
Enjoy the weather! 


  1. I was out in Tempe that night and it was raining HARD. It wasn't so bad once we got to the west side of town but I definitely did not like all the lightning. I think this was the first real monsoon I have experienced since I moved out here.

    1. ya it was insane! I was at my inlaws dropping off G & it was just sprinkling. By the time i got G down for her nap & was saying goodbye to my mother in law, the street was flooded & rain was coming down in buckets!!! I drove to the hospital to visit my friend who had the baby & i was so scared i was going to crash! I could barely see!
      Hello monsoon season!
      Ive lived here my whole life & i dont remember anything quite like this