Friday, September 14, 2012

{5 minute pillow cover}

Ok. So i didn-'t even think about doing a post about this until AFTER i finished the project, so i apologize for the "fake" reenactment pictures :) Oh & i also apologize that these are instagram photos.. i've gotten way too lazy to use my camera. I guess thats what happens when you become a mama! 

I have been slowly working on my little project list for G's room. Making a fun pillow was one of the little things on the list.  Also on that list is Painting her dresser, & her crib, & adding a chair rail to her wall, sheets for her crib, .etc... all in due time! I'm just happy i got this pillow finished.. finally!
So choose your fabric, & lay it out INSIDE OUT
Drape your inside out fabric over the pillow you are making the cover for. 
Drape it so that the fabric slightly over laps itself in the middle of the pillow, to forma a pocket. {Does that make sense?}
Mark the edges around the shape of your pillow with a pen & pull the pillow out. Place pins on the marked line to hold the fabric together. 
Ok so this is the overlapping pocket i am talking about. This is what makes it possible to easily remove the cover for washing. 
Sew your marked edges
Turn your pillow case RIGHT SIDE out & stuff your pillow in
Place your pretty new pillow on a chair, or couch or bed! Its the perfect way to add a touch of color, easily!
This project really took me 5 minutes & I only used about 1/2- 3/4 yard of fabric, that cost $2.
A $2 personalized pillow? Perfect! 
Happy Friday :) 

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