Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Sick baby, Sad mama}

I have been a bad blogger
a bad bad blogger 
My last post was over a month ago
& before that, a month gap again!

Truth is, i just haven't really had anything to write about. 
I haven't really been working on any projects, &
The past few months have brought on a whirlwind of changes for our family
but the changes are not really things to blog about, so..., you see my dilemma :) 

But anyways, I am back, & i am going to try to post at least once a  week... at least thats the plan :)

on my first post back, i will just start with reviewing the last couple of weeks.
Our house was plagued by the cold/flu bug that was going around.
First my husband got it, then i got it, & then our sweet little Girl got it. 
After her cold cleared up, she suddenly just wanted to lay around all day.... which is SO not like her.
Then she woke up with a Temp of 103.5.. not good.

She kept the high fever for 3 days. 

Her Dr. said she had an ear infection & an upper respitory infection, poor girl! 
This is the first time GIuliana has really been sick, so naturally, we were freaking out! 
I've spent the last 3 days trying to keep her fever down & keep her comfortable & hydrated. 
Today is day 4, & after 3 days of lots of rest,  cool showers, ice munching, & antibiotics, she seems to be feeling so much better! She actually walked around smiling & playing today, which she has not done for 3 days. 
Its nice to see her finally acting like herself. These last few days have been so hard to watch,
just look at her sad little face
{Doesn't this just break your heart?}

Well, Stay healthy everyone! :) 
Happy wednesday! 


  1. I miss your blog posts but your focus is exactly where it should be, your family! Hope your cutie pie little starts feeling better soon and at least you can enjoy the extra cuddles!

  2. Oh bless her little heart. I hope she is all better again.