Sunday, March 10, 2013

{4 years}

On Friday {March 8th}, William & I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary 
I cant believe how fast time flies! 

This year, to celebrate, we left Giuliana with my in laws ..OVER NIGHT. 
We have never done this. I have never been away from giuliana for longer than 3 hours at a time!
When we dropped her off, I cried as we walked out the door... I was sad i had to leave her,
 But i was so excited to have some much needed time with my husband.  

After dropping her off, we went home, got dressed up in our sunday best, & headed out towards scottsdale.
We walked around the Kierland commons for a while, people watching & talking. 
Then went to dinner at Maestros Ocean Club, one of our favorite places for special occasions. 
We ordered WAY too much food, laughed a little too loudly, & all in all just had a great time! 
at the end of dinner, our waiter brought out a yummy warm celebratory butter cake. 
But we were stuffed!
So we took that butter cake home & ate it in bed while we watched Harry Potter :) 
Maybe that sounds strange to you, but for Willy & I,  it was a perfect ending to a perfect day. 

It really was the best day ever! I didn't realize how much i missed my husband. 
It's crazy how, once you have kids, you have so little time for each other. 
This day together reminded us of how much we Love & miss one another, & how important it is to strive to cherish every moment that we do get together.
I Love you William, so very much, & I cannot wait to see what the next 4, 10, 20, 50+ years have to offer. You are the most amazing person i have ever met, & I am so happy to spend my life with you.
Here's to many more years! 

& Happy Sunday :) 

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  1. Love what you shared Ashley! I woman in love. Awesome. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    Robyn Bishop