Saturday, March 16, 2013

{old wax new wick}

I went there :)

ok now that i'm done trying to be cool, 
I would like to show you what to do with that annoying leftover wax around the edges of your yummy smelling expensive candles.  
You know what i'm talking about right?  
the wick is burned all the way down, but there is a TON of useful wax left on the sides of the container. 
What can you do with this leftover wax? 
Well, when life hands you wax, make a candle!
{ok ok i'll stop trying to be cool}

This is what I do :)
You know those big bags of 200+ tea light candles they sell at IKEA for like $2? 
We buy so many bags of them and always have them on hand.
They're great... but.. they don't smell nice
Actually they don't have a smell at all! 
so i like to spruce them up : )
I take a candle, remove it from the little metal round container, then remove the wick.
I remove the wick by using a lighter to melt the wax on the bottom so it easily slides out. 
place the wick back into the original container
Get a flame going in your yummy smelling candle container to begin melting the wax, move the container sideways so the flame hits right on the wax and melts it.
 pour the melted wax into the empty tea light container 
{use a towel or oven mitt to protect your hand from burns!} 
Let your new little candles sit & harden.
I got 6 little tea lights out of left over wax
Once they are fully hardened, 
You can enjoy many more hours of your expensive yummy smelling candle, in new little candles you can spread all over your home :) 

Happy Saturday! 

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