Saturday, April 16, 2011

{So Surreal}

When my husband and I were in high school, his parents helped out with prom every year. They would set up a table where they made fabulous iced coffee drinks and italian sodas. It was always a huge hit!

Once we graduated, we kept their tradition alive! We have set up that same italian soda and coffee bar at  prom every year since we graduated {3 years to be exact} & it's still a big hit.

Last night, we went & set up our table at the prom. It was so surreal to see everyone! Seeing the people that were getting ready to graduate was so strange! I remember when they were all in junior high!
Its the first time i really felt old. :)

It was really cool to see how many people still remembered us, students and hired vendors alike! William & I were in student counsel every year in High school, and many of the vendors the school uses for their events today, we had found 5 years ago!

The photography group we had found when we were just sophomores, was there last night, and the guy that was in charge remembered us! He sat & talked to us for quite a bit & couldn't believe we had gotten married already! He also demanded we get our picture taken {haha} for memories sake.

Any ways, their prom was beautiful! The theme was masquerade and all the students had beautiful masks and dresses. It was so fun! Kind of makes me miss high school... or does it?

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