Monday, April 25, 2011

{Yummy Body Scrub}

Today Im going to show you how to make a very yummy Body Scrub! {Original recipe found here }
Here all all the necessary ingredients:
In A Cuisinart mixer {Or blender, i imaging it would work just as well!} Put in {2 packets of oatmeal.}Pulse the Oatmeal just a couple of times. Don't do too much! It should look like this:
Add to the ground Oatmeal, {1 Cup of white sugar} 
Also, Add {1/3 C. Brown Sugar}
Pulse the oatmeal & Sugar mix 2 times. Then add {1 1/2 C. Coconut oil} & {3/4 t. Almond extract}

Put the lid on the mixer & Mix all ingredients for about 20 seconds. It should look like this once its done!
Put the mixture into cute Jars & Give to your family & Friends! {Or just keep it all to yourself :) } 

* I have been using this Sugar scrub on my slowely growing belly, keeping it moisturized & soft! 
{I use it on the rest of my body too, i just focus a little more on my belly & Anywhere proned to stretch marks, yuck!} & It smells pretty good in the shower too! 


Oh! Almost forgot, here is our first belly photo! {Not really much to show yet}  The baby is the size of a small coffee bean right now :) 
{5 Weeks} 

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