Thursday, April 28, 2011

{An old friend comes to visit}

My husband's best friend in the whole world is a great guy named Jeremy. Jeremy is always at our house hanging out with Willy & me. He is basically Family! We Do everything together.
{In Chandler after our weekly brunch!}

Any who, Jeremy has an older brother, Brandon. He is one of our best friends as well! About two years ago, Brandon moved to Washington to try to venture out & do something new! We have been constantly trying to convince him to come back because we miss him so much!  & every time we talk to him he says he wont be back for a long time. 
Well, the other day, Jeremy came to our house, just like he normally would. He walked in, we shut the door, & Immediately began talking about goofy stuff. Then, all of a sudden the door bell rang.We were all confused, we weren't expecting any one. I opened the door, & who was standing there???? BRANDON! I could not contain myself!!! I was screaming and so was everyone else! It was such a wonderful surprise! Brandon is just visiting for a few days, but we will never stop trying to get him to move back home :) 
{Me & Brandon}

{The Boys}
 {Believe it or not, this is the most normal picture I could get of them!!} 


Oh, & I got a new hair cut a couple of days ago. Im not really sure what I think about it yet. Still trying to get used to it :) Tell me what you think!! 

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