Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This last sunday was palm sunday. As Christians, on palm sunday, we celebrate Jesus Entrance into jerusalem. This year however, we also celebrated another very special occasion, Williams grandpas' 88th Birthday!
William comes from Ethnic descent. Both of his Grandparents, on his mothers side, are lebanese. His Grandfather actually grew up and lived in Lebanon for most of his life. His Grandmother grew up here in AZ! They found each other & got married.
Since they are both lebanese, Their children grew up speaking arabic in different circumstances. Still, our family uses a lot of arabic in every day life, just out of habit! Even me, the whitest in the family :) We refer to his grandmother and grandfather as Jido (gpa) & Sito (gma). They are both so sweet.
On sunday during the birthday and palm sunday celebration, Jido broke out singing a love song in arabic & the entire family joined in! This is a tradition their family has always had. Whenever we gather, Jido starts the singing & we all join in as a family. It is so special :)
I love the family i married into, it is so different & exciting!
Happy 88th Birthday Jido! Wishing you many more years to come!

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