Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Belly laugh: Pickles & Captain Crunch?}

Ok, I always thought that when people said "pregnant women crave pickles & Icecream during pregnancy" it was a myth... that is until 2 weeks ago. Yes, I finally broke down and bought a jar of pickles. {I still can't believe it} One of those big gallon ones ya know? That has like 50 pickles in it?  Yup! There it is! >>>

{Found image on google}

 I am so ashamed. & that's not even the worst part.. I bought this jar of pickles.. at walmart.. at 2am...when I was supposed to be getting something else that our little family actually NEEDED.{This just keeps sounding worse & worse! Promise I'm not crazy!} But good news, no ice cream yet, at least not WITH the pickles at the same time :)  I walked into our house after my shameful trip to walmart, jar of pickles in hand, my husband looked at me & laughed. "Here we go!" he said. "They just looked so good! I couldn't keep walking by!" I quickly rebuttled.

Anyways, I have gotten into a  habit. I eat a pickle at least once a day. Seriously, ask my husband.  Can that be considered a daily ritual? "My daily pickle enjoyment time?" {Ok, that just sounds weird, maybe I won't call it that.} But, whether it can be considered a ritual or not, I am going to call it one, even though it makes me feel funny to think that I have such a strange ritual instead of something cool.
All this pickle talk actually has a purpose, I promise:

Yesterday, after getting ready, I ran down our stairs to the kitchen, opened up the fridge & immediatly went for that big, beautiful jar of pickles, Picture this, this jar is so big {& it seems like the lid is always screwed on tighter & tighter every time} I have to use everything I have to open it! I have to like squat a little, & put the jar between my knees & twist the lid with both hands! {Awkward picture, I know} So, it takes me quite a bit of time to open this jar and I'm like out of breathe by the time I get it open. Anyways, I get the jar open, finally, gasping for air, grab a fork, fish for the pickle I want, & stab it, wrap it in a paper towel & lay it on the counter, close the jar and put it away. After I put the jar away, I grab the pickle off the counter, & by this time my mouth is watering, {seriously guys, I think pregnancy has made me like a crazy person! Salivating over a pickle? I mean, come on. I'm like Shmegal from Lord of the Rings "My precious"} I immediatly just take a big bite of it. I barely broke the skin , and out of the little fork holes I had just made getting it out of the jar, a load of pickle juice just shot out...INTO MY NOSE & EYES!! Gross! I dropped my pickle on the floor, & coughed & choked for quite a while. My husband, not knowing what was going on,  became very worried, & asked me what was going on & if I was ok. I told him what had happened, my eyes watering from the pickle juice & from choking. I could feel the smell of pickle juice coating every little nose hair. He tried to act serious, because he could tell I was quite distraught. But he couldn't help but laugh as he comforted me. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. I'm sure he was thinking "That's what you get." as he patted me on the back & held me close.  So needless to say, I don't know when or if I will re-start my daily Pickle eating ritual,  haven't eaten one yet today, & I don't plan on it. That was seriously traumatizing & totally gross. I  STIll smell pickle juice! I will just stick to eating my Captain Crunch berries a couple of times a day, as usual, but without the pickle snack time in between. haha
Good luck to all you Pregos out there & your crazy cravings. Be careful, because sometimes they come back to bite you in the butt.. or the nose in my case :)


  1. Have you tried Bubbies pickles? They are the best-they have them at sprouts and whole foods.

  2. i've had incredibly similar pickle stories - one day i called daniel - almost in tears because i couldn't get the jar open. & i never ever liked them before. i love watermelon more than ever before, too.

  3. Mindy: I Love watermelon so much! It is my favorite! But since i have been pregnant, i haven't been able to eat it because it gives me heart burn. So weird.

  4. sadd peoplee !!!!!!!!