Friday, June 3, 2011

{Cloth Diapering}

Hey guys! Its been a while, I know, but life is busy!
I thought I would take a little time today & talk about some of our plans for baby johnston.
As some of you may already know, I will be staying home with our baby, to raise it & nurture it to the best of my ability. I am excited about this :)
 I am also planning on breast feeding, & im very excited about that to! {I know, awkward thought, but anyways} {If any of you mamas out there have some tips or advice, please comment!!} & i will expand on this more at a later time.
The biggest  thing we will be doing, that I am VER VERY excited about is Cloth diapering. I know, I know, so old fashioned. But it is something I have always wanted to do {serisously, it i somehting i have talked about for years!}, & now it is a lot easier & a lot more convenient than it used to be.
The brand we have decided to go with is Fuzzibunz. {Cute name right?} One of my best friends, Andrea, {@} has done cloth diapering with fuzzibunz with her sweet baby girl, Linnea, from day one & has loved it! She has inspired me to really go through with this and give it a try!

These are fuzzibunz diapers. They are all cloth with snaps on the front and sides to keep the diaper on your baby. It also has adjustable leg holes so that it is a perfect fit no matter the size of your baby. They have a removable insert that you take out and clean. They are completely machine washable too! {So no diaper service} The best thing about these diapers is they grow with your baby! You can use  them all the way from Newborn to when they start potty training!
 The way we think of it, it may be a large cost up front, but in the long run it will save us tons of money! Especially since we plan on cloth diapering all of our children to come :) 

Do any of you do cloth diapering? Have any thoughts or advice? We would love to hear it!! 


  1. we're going to cloth diaper, too :)
    & a friend of mine also said fuzzibunz were good ones...

  2. im overwhelmed with all of the choices. i appreciate this blog:) its very helpful.

    what brand insert to u use? are the fuzzibunz considered 'pocket' diapers? do they require a cover? do u use the disposable wipes dry or wet with water? what is your plan or what do u know from friends about using this style and keeping the diaper from rubbing the umbilical chord?? i am having a boy, what brand are your friends using that have boys?

    thanks and congrats!