Thursday, June 9, 2011


So lately, I really am feeling quite pregnant. I'm not sleeping very well, having crazy weird dreams, Hungry ALL THE TIME, & very emotional. Seriously, my hormones are kicking right now. For example, yesterday, I was watching the Tellie & eating a bowl of mini wheats, & a commercial came on. It was a pretty sad commercial. But not like crazy sad. But sure enough, haIfway through, I started crying! Like, out loud! I was just so distraught over this commercial! In the moment, it was the saddest thing I had ever seen! Seriously! I texted willy & told him about it and he laughed at me & told me I was cute. haha. Then when he came home, he asked what the commercial was about, & again.. I started crying, just explaining the commercial!

It's so crazy to think that in just 2 days I will be a third of the way done with this pregnancy. It has just gone by so fast! William & I are just getting more and more excited every day.

I am especially excited to found out what were having. I think we find out in 8 weeks. I am excited and anxious mainly because I keep finding all these cute little baby things I want to make before the baby gets here! Like these cute little onesies:

Aren't they so cute???  I hope I have enough time to make everything I want to make for out little one :)

Any who, happy thursday everyone, hope the rest of your weeks is great!

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  1. Ash has always been pretty weepy, but her pregnancy was just a complete sob-fest... We couldn't listen to NPR for more than 10min. without her breaking down about something or other.