Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Coconut flour}

Have you ever heard of Coconut flour? I had never heard of it before, until I read the latest post on one of the blogs I follow {Heavenly Homemakers}. I am very interested in trying this white flour substitute. You can use it in place of flour in pretty much any recipe. It seems like it is pretty healthy for you too! & with a little one on the way, William & I are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate healthy eating in our home. I will be talking about some other ways we are planning to incorporate healthy eating soon :) But for now,  I would like to begin experimenting with Coconut flour immediately!

{Image found on Google}

{Image found on Google}

Has anyone used coconut flour before? If so, please feel free to comment & leave some advice or a yummy recipe to try out :) 

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  1. I have used coconut flour only to make coconut pancakes. coconut flour and coconut milk go into those, completely different from white flour pancakes. I got it in bulk at Sprouts.