Sunday, June 12, 2011

{June 2010}

Its seems like the years just keep going by faster & faster! It's just so wrong. I remember when I was in high school, I wanted time to go by a lot faster, I wanted to be considered a grown up already!  & now i just want time to slow down,... & i don't think i really like being a grown up. {Sometimes} The reason I am saying this, is because we just realized that 2 years ago, around this time, we put the first offer down on our house. We had to wait a LONG time to find out if we got it, because our house was a short sale. We finally moved into it in September of 2009.
When we first bought our house it was a wreck! We bought it knowing how bad it was & thought we could easily fix all of the little things very quickly. But we were wrong. {Home improvement supplies get expensive, fast!} Here we are 2 years later & we're still not done. haha Although we have accomplished quite a bit these last two years. Here are some before & after pictures of our house {You may be shocked}

{Front entry way before, yucky carpet and weird random tile}

{Entry way after! We pulled up most of the carpet downstairs and layed tile. Hard work.}

{Kitchen before..}

{Kitchen after! Painted cabinets gray & added knobs, installed new countertops , new sink, & all new appliances.. this has taken the most time & most money... yuck}

{Floor near garage door.. yucky carpet. Serisouly, I dont understand what these people did in this house before we bought it.}

{Garage door entry after! Pulled up the carpet, layed tile, painted the walls}

{Back living room before}

{Back living room after! Still yucky carpet, but that is another project we will attempt in the future :)  }

{Stairwell before}

{Stairwell after! haha I know it looks the same. It's just not as dirty :) We are still in the process with this project. The stairwell goes up pretty high & is almost impossible to paint!}

{Master bath before, laminate, yucky cabinets}

{Master bath after! Pulled up laminate, layed tile, painted cabinets & walls}

{Back yard before..} 

{Backyard after! We are constantly working on our back yard. The next project back here is building a purgula over the patio. (Which is actually a william project) We also need to fill the planters with luscious plants :) } 

So as you can see we have done so much work! But there are still so many little projects we need to do. {Finish painting a couple of rooms, The garage,  finish the back yard, replace the carpet, & yadda yadda yadda.. haha} But we have time to finish all of these things! We aren't planning on moving anytime soon :) We love our little house, & all the work we put into it makes it feel more & more like home. 
We will be posting our home improvement projects as we finish them! 

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  1. soooo cute :) wish i could see it in person. you guys are amazing!