Monday, June 20, 2011

{Happy Belated Fathers day!!}

I know i'm a day late, but our fathers day was a busy one! William & I both worked from 6am till 4pm {looong day} then came home & changed into Normal clothes. We then went to Buy Buy Baby to pick out something special for william for Fathers day :) Even though our little munchkin isn't in our arms yet, it still exists, right? So we are celebrating! This is what William chose as his fathers day gift:

Haha yes, I was surprised too. He walked right up to it at the store, picked it up & said, "This is what I want!" He loves it & is excited to use it! Which makes me very excited :) He will be so cute! 

After our trip to the store, we called Willy's dad, & grandpas, & my grandpa & wished them a happy fathers day. We then said a little prayer for my step dad.. {for those of you that don't know, my step dad passed away last month}  Later on in the day, my mom & sister came over, so we could all celebrate together. We went to dinner at one of Willy's favorite restaurants, Cornish Pasty Co.  Great conversations & great company, It was a great night! My sweet little sister Sarah {12 years old}, made willy the cutest card:

{Isn't that precious?} 

Today we went to my doctor for my 13 week checkup. We got to hear the heart beat again :) It is always so special when we get to hear it. It just gives us that constant reminder that, yes, there is something living & growing in my body, that I need to constantly be taking care of & that even though I cannot feel it moving around quite yet, everything I do can effect it. 

Today we also found out that I have a pretty rare blood type. I am AB-. We aren't sure yet how this will affect our little one. My Dr. was telling us that I may need to undergo a series of RhoGam shots once I am further along, in order to keep my blood from attacking our babies blood as it develops. {If you want to fully understand why, follow this link, it's kind of hard for me to explain} This is the only complication we have had so far & it's nothing to really worry about yet. Everything else seems pretty normal & in 5 weeks {July 28th} , we get to find out the sex of our baby, & we are sooo excited. I hope that day comes fast. 

Here I am, @ 13 weeks. Still look the same, for the most part! According to my Doctor, I have only gained 1 pound since my last visit a month ago, even though I feel & look like I have put on a lot more than that. He said It's probably due to the fact that my body is simply changing & moving around!  Crazy to think! 

Well, we hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Fathers day from the Johnstons! 
Did you do anything special for your dads, grandpas, or husbands? Tell us about it here! 

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  1. you two are hilarious :)
    i love how you pick out baby gifts for fathers & mothers day. can't wait to find out what you're having!