Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{Dec 19th it is!}

This week we are 38 weeks!
We found out yesterday that the date we get to meet our little girl is going to be
December 19th, 2011! 
That is less than a week from today! So crazy! We are getting really nervous yet so very excited!!
Although a csection was not the route we had originally chosen, we will still get to meet our little girl! & she will be delivered safely which is all that matters!
{If you haven't been reading the last few posts, our little girl is breech, hence the csection}
We cant wait to see her & kiss her little face & snuggle her... Although, i told William the other day, that when she comes out, she needs a spanking because she has been so naughty & stubborn! He thought that was pretty funny :)

The other day, i was looking through pictures on our computer & found some pics we have taken through out my pregnancy. It really shows just how much my body has changed over the past year. Its so crazy to look at! I have been pregnant for so long, i  had almost forgotten what i used to look like!
Its no wonder im starting to run out of clothing options :) haha The only maternity clothing i bought the entire pregnancy was a pair of maternity shorts and 2 shirts. I just made do with my old clothes mostly. Im too stubborn to buy more clothes when im just so close! {I guess that's where Giuliana gets some of her stubborness} Although, i went to the Dr yesterday & when they weighed me, i looked at the scale & almost fell over! I had gained so much weight since my last visit 2 weeks earlier, It was frightening! My feet & hands & arms & legs & face have swollen up so much the last 2 weeks its unbelieveable! I asked my Dr if that was normal & he said it is. He said my body is really starting to retain water right now. So its go time!

      {38 weeks)                                                   {20 weeks}                                                    {8 weeks}

This pregnancy is going by so fast I can hardly believe it. It has been quite the adventure!  So much has changed in our lives already . I am so excited to see what adventures we will have in the future, not just as a husband & wife anymore, but as a mommy & daddy. 
I cant wait to see William hold our little girl in his arms...  He is going to be the best dad ever, i am sure of it!

Well, Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


  1. YAY!! Ohh Ashley & Willy you two are going to be some Awesome, Supportive, Loving Parents!! Cant wait to get together with you guys!! Let us know & we will make it a date! :-)

  2. we are praying for you! we wish we could be there with you through all of this, and be there to meet sweet giuliana right away. instead, we're sending lots of love from carolina.

    we love you guys. <3

  3. Treasure every moment of this pregnancy, and know I will be covering you all in prayer on the 19th.

  4. Wow, the day is practically here! I'm so excited for the two of you :D Many blessings to you and your cute little family <3 <3 <3