Friday, December 16, 2011

{DIY surf spray}

For those of you that are on pinterest, & like hair products {ME!}, im sure you have seen this recipe before. Its a DIY recipe for bumble & bumble surf spray.
I love the bumble & bumble product, but, frankly, its just so expensive! So when i found a tutorial online to make my own, i jumped for it! I have adjusted the portioning of ingredients to my own personal preferance, so, this is definitely a recipe that you can easily play around with.

{DIY Surf Spray}
You will need:
1T hair gel {Heaping!}
1/2 C hot water
3t epsom salt
Empty spray bottle
Mix all ingredients in a big measuring cup until fully dissolved.
Pour mixture into your empty spray bottle & your done! I like to call it Salty root spray :) 
You can use this product on wet or dry hair for many different styles.
I use it just on my roots for an extra little lift, instead of using a root lifter. 
I like it a lot better, i feel like it doesn't dry my hair & scalp out like most root lifters tend to do. 

Well Happy friday!


  1. Any chance we can see a before & after? I have the flattest hair imaginable...I should probably try this!

  2. What kind of look does this product achieve? Wind blown? Beach look? Love the idea, I'm so low maintenance with my hair I could add something like this easily, just need to know what direction it takes ur hair in? Lol

    1. Hello! If you put it all over, it will give you a beachy look.
      I just use it as a slight volumizer on my roots

  3. Hello, I followed your recipe (used 1 T of Epsom salt, which is the same as 3 t), but the mixture has a lot of strength and makes my hair almost impossible to style after I blowdry it because it now is very dense. What would you recommend? Decrease the amount of salt, or maybe add another 4oz of water to the existing solution? And another question: Does Epsom salt basically do the same thing as sea salt (for hair)? Thanks!

  4. Hi, using the proportions that you gave made a spray that makes my hair very dense, not pleasantly thick but more like a sticky density that makes it almost impossible to style. I'm thinking there's too much salt in this mixture. If I added 4 more ounces of water, do you think it would work better?