Friday, December 23, 2011

{Giuliana's Journey}

{The night before she was born}
{The day she was born}
{With daddy}
{With Mommy}
{We're Home!!}


  1. How cute is she?! You both look so happy! Again congratulations and Merry Christmas :)

  2. I normally think babies are funny looking but your baby is so stinkin' cute! eep! congrats you two. can't wait to see baby blog posts!

  3. My husband is looking at this over my shoulder and he said "wow, she looks so thin after just having a baby! Are you going to look like that?? (ha)" I hadn't even noticed until he pointed it out, but holy cow you do look good only a few days after giving birth! What's your secret??

  4. @lovetwentysomething haha awe thank you. You are sweet. Most of the weight i gained was water weight, which i hear is pretty normal. So dont worry, u will be shocked how quickly you lose that water weight! Im still in shock! My entire pregnancy, i stayed really active, and i dont mean like I went to the gym {Yuck1} , i mean I was out & about constantly doing things & cleaning my house & constantly moving. I never just sat around, even if i felt yucky! I also worked full time up until 4 weeks before she was born. I feel like that really helped me a lot. Also, when i was in the hospital after i had her, i was up walking around the hospitl within 5 hours & I drank water like there was no tomorrow!!! I think that helped flush the swelling out. I had her almost 6 days ago & I honestly feel wonderful right now! uhm.. those are the only pointers i have i guess. Have a happy holiday & good luck!

  5. @Ashley JohnstonI had a feeling you were more active, my husband (a police officer) and I were just talking the other day about how physically fit people recover much faster from traumas like car accidents—we guessed that the same was true with pregnancy (THAT can put quite a strain on a woman's body too!)!

    I think I'd be tempted to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat and do whatever feels most comforting at the time, but I know it's so important to take even better care of yourself (healthy diet, exercise, etc.) when you're supporting a little one.

    This is just a bit of extra motivation, if (when the time comes) being responsible isn't rewarding enough, I'll remember that picture and imagine how much faster I'll fit into the "skinny" clothes if I stay active and fit throughout the pregnancy!

  6. She's a Beauty! and you look so good! congratulations, and Merry Belated Christmas!