Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Baby update}

This week so far has been quite a rough one for us. {I am 37 weeks along}
As i mentioned a few posts back, our little girl is breech. 
We had a procedure this week called an External Cephalic version, in an attempt to move our baby girl from head up to head down. If you don't know what this procedure is, here is a link to a website explaining it. {Too hard to explain}
 This procedure was one of the most painful things i have ever gone through in my entire life. My husband was even freaked out just watching. But i was tough & pulled through.
After about 20 minutes of attempting to turn our little one, her heart rate began to rise, & long story short, the procedure was unsuccessful.

I have had to take a couple of days to process this..

Since the procedure was unsuccessful, this means that I will automatically have to have a cesarean section delivery because Giuliana is still breech. 
This was not part of our plan & i think that is why this was so hard.... We are both very scared & kind of in shock trying to process this whole thing. 
We go to the Dr. next week to set up the date & time for the Csection which will be the following week. 
I am very nervous & scared. Please keep us all in your continuous thoughts & prayers these next couple of weeks. 

On the bright side, we will know exactly when we will get to meet our little sweetie, & she will be here before Christmas too! :) 

Sorry there isnt much detail in this post, i just dont know what to write.. my mind is completely overwhelmed..


  1. Oh, no, so sorry to hear that! I think I would be really upset too if I were in your shoes. It's good that you are looking on the bright side and focusing on the positive, either way she'll be in your arms soon!

  2. sweet ashley...
    anytime you are sad and disappointed just think of all your friends and familys arms around you. we all love you so much. remember that very soon giuliana will be in your arms and nothing else in this world will matter anymore but her. i am so grateful that you are healthy as well as giuliana after the procedure.
    lots of hugs and prayers... lauren

  3. Praying for you, your hubby and your baby girl. I hope things go well with the c-section!

    Keep up all posted!

  4. Life does not always go as planned, but God will be with you through it all. Rely on him. You will be in my prayers.

  5. Sending happy thoughts. Sounds scary to go through but trust in your body and your doctors and you will do great! I think it's exciting that you will know when you get to meet her! Best wishes!

  6. My first was breech as well, but we didn't find out until I was already in the middle of labor...not fun:)! I ended up having a c-section and delivered my sweet girl! You'll do great! Good luck!

  7. Awww, I'm really sorry to hear things aren't going as planned. My bestfriend actually went through the same thing a couple years back and she now has an amazingly adorable and healthy little girl. Just think, none of all this is going to matter to you the second you look into your babies eyes for the first time. =) I hope everything goes well for you and your little one. Sending hopeful thoughts your way! =)

  8. Thank you everyone for your positive feedback & advice :) you are all so sweet. I am so scared.. but i know that fear will go away once i meet our little girl.

  9. so sorry to hear this! i completely understand. will your dr do another us before scheduling your c-section? hope you get better news. and if you do have to have a c-section, hope it goes well for you and your little girl! (just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing!)
    my new little guy is now about 3 weeks old and for most of his pregnancy he was breech. at 34 weeks he turned head down. at 36 weeks he had returned to the breech position. my dr at the time was optimistic that he would return to head down since he had been there once. my 38 week us showed he was still breech and my new dr (yes new, we moved at 37 weeks!) was not optimistic that he would turn and started talking c-section. i was upset. i didn't want a c-section but i had finally started to come to terms with it. when all of a sudden i went into labor and although we only lived 10 minutes from the hospital, i ended up delivering him breech in the front seat of my van! so although i wanted to avoid the c-section, i didn't really plan on having him in my van either! regardless of how he (or your little girl) comes into the world, as long as the are healthy (which he is!) that is all that matters!

  10. Will be saying prayers for you and that sweet baby you are about to meet!

    "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified... for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

  11. I'm we have pretty close due dates! I'm SO sorry the version didn't work and she is still breech. That is my worst nightmare/worst case scenario. (We are planning a natural/no meds birth). However, I was with my best friend when she had her c-section and I got to be in the OR with her (and her husband)...I watched it all, and it really isn't that bad. But I can totally sympathize with you on this! I fear every time I go to an appointment that they'll tell me she (I'm having a girl too!) is breech. Hang in there! I'll pray that she decides to flip around for you before your next appointment!

  12. Such a scary thing to think about it the last weeks of your pregnancy. Remember that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle and that he doesn't want you to's all in HIS hands. I'll send up prayers for you... let us know when the c-section is scheduled and we'll pray then too! Take care, relax and just focus on the beautiful baby you will soon hold in you arms!

  13. I linked to your tutorial on the no sew ruffle tree skirt from Pinterest, and then had to see how things with the baby were coming along. My first visit to your blog, and I just loved the tree skirt... I'll plan that one for next Christmas!

    I know it's scary with the baby being breech, but at least you know ahead of time and obviously have good medical care. Sending you a prayer and warm wishes for a beautiful 1st Christmas with you sweet new baby.

    blessings. Dixie

  14. I found your blog from the tree skirt tutorial and have been catching up for the ladt little but :-) I know it's scary but I had a CS (after laboring for 6 hrs and not dilating then having to have a CS bc of high BP that I had been on bed rest for over a month for) and it is NO big deal at all! Praying that she either flips or that the Lord gives you a peace about this new plan! Do not worry or be fearful, fear is the opposite of faith (I HATE when people say this to me but it helps me when I'm anxious or fearful which a lot :)). Keep us posted!

  15. Just found your blog via a link to your tree skirt as well ;-). We are due to have our 5th little blessing on the 29th. I realize that it's two days from your scheduled delivery, but thought I would share some information that my midwife gave to me for getting baby into the best position. Check out if you have time or interest. It has a lot of helpful information, though I realize that this may not be much encouragement now that you are so close to delivery.
    Blessings to you and your family. Hope you have a wonderful birth and healthy delivery!