Friday, December 30, 2011

{before baby}

Just 3 weeks before our little girl was born, My dear friend Andrea {With Lime flower studio}did a photoshoot with us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures & i am so excited to have such sweet memories to share with our little sweetie. Im excited to pull these pictures out one day & say "There you are in mamas belly! & look how much your daddy loved you, even before he met you!"  

Its already weird looking back at these photos of my pregnant belly.  
It brings back memories of heartburn, sleepless nights, sleeping sitting up, waddling, swelling.. all that fun stuff. But it was all so worth it! 
{My grandmother Joy made this blanket for me when i was a baby. Now i wrap our little girl in it 21 years later}


  1. Lovely pictures!! Congrats again in your beautiful baby girl.

  2. Man you look amazing for being 3 weeks before your due date!!! I looked that that at 20 wks pregnant! You make being prego look glamorous..
    and congrats your little lady is so precious:)

  3. Andrea did such an AMAZING Job at capturing your "Pregnancy Glow" & Love with Willy!! Gosh you two are such an adorable couple!! Cant wait to see the photo shoot with Miss G!