Friday, December 2, 2011

{DIY cloth strip garland}

{DIY Cloth strip Garland}
After i posted pictures of our christmas tree this year, a few of you asked me to post something about the Garlands we had on our tree. I looked through our pictures on the computer & actually found some pictures I had taken when i made the cloth garland 2 years ago! {No such luck with the pompom garland} They aren't very detailed because i wasn't taking them for a blog post {this was way before our blog!} I just took them to document my progress.  but i think you will get the general idea. 
So, here is a quick tutorial on how to make a cloth strip garland :) 

You will need:
Jute & Fabric

Step 1: Cut your Jute to the length you want. We have a 9 ft tree, so i cut ours to 9 ft. 
Step 2: Cut your fabric into strips. I think i cut mine 1 1/2in" X 6 1/2in". {Its been a while!} 
I also used 3 different fabrics to add texture. I used burlap, white linen & a checkered fabric.
Step 3: Place your fabric strips one by one under the jute
Step 4: Tie your fabric into a knot around the jute. Double knot for your thinner fabrics. 
Step 5: Slide your tied fabric strip into the clump of other fabric strips, Clumping them together as tightly or as loosely as you want. 
Step 6: Keep tying fabric strips onto your jute until they cover the length of your jute. 
This project is super easy but very time consuming. I think it took me probably a total of 3 hours. 
Step 7: Put it on your tree :) It adds that extra special personal touch! 
This is the 3rd year we have used ours & it has held up nicely! 
Now back to my morning coffee with our homemade vanilla bean sugar {Will post tutorial soon} :) yum! 
Happy Friday!! 


  1. Love this garland! I can see how it could be relaxing to do as well :P

  2. I love the garland. We are doing a pink/purple themed tree for the girls at the orphanage. It would be so much fun making a garland like this one. Might have to work on that for next year! I love your blog! It makes me feel like I can keep in touch a little with your life even from far away!

  3. I agree Melissa, this could be a great project for kiddos!

  4. Melissa: Miss you so much! Hope all is going well at the orphanage :) Hoping to see you guys soon... Hoping to hear back from grandma about the Family reunion next year!! yay!!!

  5. I am in love with ur blog! and enjoy every single tutorial. I'm pretty sure i found u through pinterest( ur tree skirt, i think) but i did the same type thing out of a huge hanging lamp shade i found at the project for humanity- Restore! and I'm in love with it! So thanks for the inspiration!! I also found out im expecting baby number 3 sooo i will definately b tackling more of ur awesome tutorials and love keeping up with where ur at in ur pregnancy! =0) Im curious about ur french press, do u like it better than a regular coffee pot? I had one and it broke it, ive been tempted to get another one, but cant decide.. which i like better.
    ~Jess, from Texas
    P.s.- i also cloth diaper!!

  6. JessicaKing: Thanks so much! & congrats on ur #3!! sooo exciting! As for our french press, i LOVE it. I run an espresso bar & usually when i drink a "coffee drink" i get an americano {espresso & water, i know im boring} & i feel like the french press gives u that bold taste you would have drinking an americano. & I have a smaller french press, so it makes about 2 -3 mugs full, which is perfect just for me Or if my hubby & i just want to have a cup of coffee each. I also use it for tea sometimes. I put loose leaf tea & hot water in there, steep it & drink it! It comes out perfect every time! I also use it for Cold brew coffee... the list goes on & on lol Its definitely something worth investing in if your a coffee {or tea} queen like me :)

  7. Thanks!! I definately am, sounds like u like ur coffee strong! I hav a major sweet tooth... I love me some creamer! but i do love how the french press gives u more of the natural oils of the coffee! Wow, that is so neat u run an espresso bar, I'd love to hear more about that or anything coffee{or tea} related! =0) Hope ur having a lovely day, im off to buy a french press! (im excited to make tea, thanks!!)